15 August 2020 @ 04:19 pm
one. master Japanese
two. master Chinese (Mandarin)
three. create a visual novel
four. go sky diving
five. go hang gliding
six. go scuba diving
seven. go snorkeling
eight. go surfing
nine. go backpacking
ten. create a series of (short?) animation
eleven. create a comic
twelve. create an 'design line' of my own
thirteen. have a photograph featured in the national geographic 
fourteen. go winter camping
fifteen. go up in a hot air balloon/air ship
sixteen. run a marathon
seventeen. go waterskiing
eighteen. go up north of Canada to the national parks there
nineteen. go whitewater rafting
twenty. go on a safari
twenty one. ride a motorbike
twenty two. go camping
twenty three. go on a holiday with only friends
twenty four. go on a tour through Europe (England, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, etc)
twenty five. learn acrobatics (flips & somersaults, mainly)
twenty six. visit the grand canyon
twenty seven. visit the pyramids
twenty eight. visit the Great Wall of China
twenty nine. visit the Colosseum in Rome
thirty. learn to play a musical instrument
thirty one. record some songs
thirty two. learn karate
thirty three. learn aikido
thirty four. learn fencing
thirty five. learn archery
thirty six. try wrestling
thirty seven. go hiking
thirty eight. go rock climbing
thirty nine. swim with dolphins
forty. milk a cow
forty one. attend Oktoberfest
forty two. see a burlesque show
forty three. attend Rio
forty four. learning scrapbooking
forty five. learn needlepoint
forty six. visit as many museums as possible
forty seven. get into any prestigious university (Ivy league or RSID)
forty eight. become an early raiser (6A.M.)
forty nine. visit Tibet
fifty. finish the Duke of Edinburgh award
fifty one. become a big sister
fifty two. learn CSS
fifty three. design a website
fifty four. design something for a company
fifty five. learn a programming language
fifty six. design my own house
fifty seven. sell my art
fifty eight. get on flickr's explore page
fifty nine. complete this list
sixty. visit Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, Okinawa)
sixty one. visit Korea
sixty two. make a quinzee and sleep in it
sixty three. become an inspiration to someone (have someone tell me that i inspire them, be it in the arts or any other way)
sixty four. learn how to inside paint
sixty five. sculpt something big
sixty six. learn to knit
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