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2011-11-17 07:36 pm
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❝friends only❞

do we, perhaps, know each other from somewhere? drop a comment and i'll get back to you soon.
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2013-09-27 12:01 am


you are invited to hang out at DIXIES, a new RP community where, we can all jingle our OC and RP balls. think of it as a relaxed chatroom, minus the dangers of meeting a creepy old man pretending to be a teenage girl. no application forms needed, no activity checks - just join the fun!

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2012-12-12 03:04 pm

timey-wimey stuff


If you're from LJ you might want to leave your username or log in with your LJ account just so I know who it is. :)
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2012-08-14 08:19 pm

( 85 ) artistic stuffs.

Answer. Original by Megurine Luka here. I spent the majority of yesterday singing this. Hahahah.


A photoshoot of Kyle before his repaint. I thought that I didn't give him enough love since I usually take Xion out instead. ;; I also gave him a new pair of eyes and wig, both of which I bought in HK. I quite like the combination??

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2010-08-07 09:00 am
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I managed to catch most of the people i want! *A*

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2010-08-06 01:07 pm
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nicofes2010 timetable

I would be so much more excited for this if i wasn't going to be out on that day...

timetable in Japan time

Japan time: event - EST (for my reference)

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